Solid Waste Management Round Table

SWMRT Is a public interest collective of SWM practitioners working for adoption of sustainable waste management practices by citizens and municipalities, for improving public health, safe food, clean air and water and inclusive livelihoods.

Our Mission

Mandate segregation at source
Mandate waste stream, destination based collection and transportation
Promote inclusion of informal sector in recycling
Promote waste to compost/gas/recycle,
Not ‘Waste to burn’
Promote maximising of localised processing and minimising of landfilling/dumping
Phase out non-recyclable products and packaging and move towards circular economy.

Our Work

Ongoing Campaigns

Two bins One bag (2bin1bag) sums up the aspirations, research, efforts and dreams of a whole lot of committed citizens working over years to find a solution to our overwhelming garbage problem.
Swacha Graha
It is a city wide campaign, to bring a Green revolution of another kind by promoting organic waste management within homes and communities.
It is a play on the words “Trash” and “Economics” and is a simple guide on solid waste management and its environmental, health and financial impact.



Namma Bengaluru Award for best Community Based group


Rotary NGO Award for Excellence as Social Change Maker.


Karnataka Raja Parisara Award supported by the United Nations Environment Program


Trashonomics wins 1st prize of the International Solid Waste Association YPG Waste Education Award