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Clean Up DRive in Cubbon Park 2009 Closing Ceremony Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011 Closing Ceremony BRH 2011 Collection of Segregated Waste Composting in a Sintex Drum Cow eats-plastic in the city December 2009 - Bangalore Garbage City December 2009  Bangalore Outskirts are on fire with Grabage December 2009 - Garbage on Trucks totally exposed Exhibition at Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011 Inauguration of  SWMRT Leaf Composting Unit in BBMP headoffice 2010 Inauguration of Organic Waste Converter in Malleshwaram 2010 Inauguration of SWMRT DWCC in BDA Head Office 2010 Inauguration of the SWMRT DWCC in BBMP 2010 Jain College Students at Lets Clean Bangalore 2009 Leaf Composting in Dollar Collony 2010 Lets Clean Bangalore 2009 at BIS Lets Clean Bangalore 2009 at JC Road Mela in the Mall Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011 People having Fun at Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011 Proper Waste Management not exsitent in 2009 ReFlea Market at Bangaluru Recycling Habba 2011 ReFlea Market at Benagluru Recycling Habba 2011 ReFlea Market at the Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011 Sandya Narayan speaks at Public Consultation of CIVIC regarding Grabage Tender Segregation at Appartment level Segregation at Source at Appartment Level Shalini Charles at the SWMRT stall BRH 2011 SWMRT at Lunch with Mentor Yellappa Reddy SWMRT at the EPR panel BRH 2011 SWMRT first meet with Almitra Patel SWMRT inspecting a Rolli Poly composter 2010 SWMRT inspecting Mavaliipura Landfill 2010 SWMRT inspecting Mavalipura Landfill 2010 SWMRT Inspection Mavallipura 2010 - Truck are waiting in a queue before the entrance SWMRT Inspection Mavallipura Landfill 2010 - turning heaps of mixed waste to extract compost material SWMRT Inspection of Mavalipura Landfill - separation for composting SWMRT Inspection of Mavallipura Landfill - leachate drain SWMRT Installation of a Dry Waste Collection  Centre in BBMP Headoffice 2010 SWMRT members feeling happy that they got the Organic Waste Converter for Malleshwaram Market - it was a long fight with BBMP SWMRTs Sandya Narayanan on the Panel of  BCIC 2011 Think before you Throw Game Bengaluru Recycling Habba 2011 Tricycles with WET&DRY Collection Vani Murthy at Inauguration of BBMP's on campus DWCC Vani Murthy Compost Stall Volunteers at Lets Clean Bangalore 2009 What kind of milk will the poor drink from these cows Zero Waste Initative Dollar Colony 2010 - preparing kitchen waste for composting Zero Waste Initiative Dollars Colony 2010 - sorting mixed waste Zero Waste Initiative in Dollar Colony  2010 - Dry Waste Collection of the day Zero Waste Initiative in Dollar Colony  2010 - preparing leaf compost with cow dung Zero Waste Management Yellahanka 2010 - Dry Waste Zero Waste Management Yellahanka 2010 - Pellets from recycled Plastic Zero Waste Management Yellahanka 2010 - plastic pellett machine Zero Waste Management Yellhanka 2010 - sorting
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