Campaigns lead to social change. We recognize that behavioural change is critical for adoption of good solid waste management practices. Our Campaigns have been designed to influence and lead to movements which create the large scale adoption of good practices. Campaigns soft peddle the Policy and Rules implementation through building voluntary engagement , information dissemination and large scale adoption.

Using creative and hands on formats of Show and Tell , Demos and Workshops, Training and Learning, Recognition and Acknowledgement, SWMRT creates powerful campaigns to change the discourse around waste management .


SwachaGraha is a city wide campaign, to bring a Green revolution of another kind by promoting organic waste management within homes and communities. The campaign also seeks to engage stakeholders, highlighting the importance of "No to landfills and growing Safe food", thus leading to sustainable living.

Coordinated 30 Composting Santhes (fairs) hosted by BBMP
More than 200 volunteers trained to conduct workshops
Curated more than 30 organic waste management solutions

Two bins One bag sums up the aspirations, research, efforts and dreams of a whole lot of committed citizens working over years to find a solution to our overwhelming garbage problem.

The colour coded waste segregation system makes it uniform and effortless to follow. Following the best practices listed, this can be rolled out anywhere in a very short time.

From a small citizen initiative, it has grown into a movement encompassing the whole country.

“2 bins 1 bag” became the LAW in Bengaluru on Dec 17th, 2015
Adopted in more than 15 cities


Trashonomics by SWMRT, is a play on the words “Trash” and “Economics” and is about the study of solid waste and its environmental, health and financial impact.

Children are the best changemakers and this school program aims to empower them to lead the change by redefining the historical narrative on waste as something to be thrown away.

Book released by Chief Minister of Karnataka
More than 200 volunteers trained to conduct workshops
More than 100 workshops conducted by trained volunteers/teachers

Bengaluru Recycling Habba

To start awareness SWMRT held  The ‘Bengaluru Recycling Habba’  in 2011 and 2012. It was a week long event conducted with the primary support and endorsement of the KSPCB, BBMP and the High Court Legal Services Cell. With the tag line ‘ THINK BEFORE YOU THROW “ this event was aimed to encourage Recycling and acknowledge communities who have implemented proper Waste Management in their campuses, complexes, schools and homes.



Plastic and single use plastic are an environmental hazard. This campain aims to create awareness and give alternatives. Start today and get your community engaged!

The plastic ban information has been compiled by volunteers using case studies of various wards across Bengaluru city. This information can be used to spread awareness amongst residents and commercial establishments.


"Green the red" is a large group pf women volunteering across the country to make women aware that there are healthy, cost effective and garbage free alternatives that can be used during the periods to make the periods -HAPPY PERIODS. Thus the objective is to make the RED PERIODS - GREEN.

Over 80 sessions have been already been  done to help women understand about healthy menstrual practices - to use cloth pads and menstrual cups that are healthier, does not burden landfills and are cost effective.