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Recyclathon Awards 2016: Application Guidelines

SWMRT is inviting applications for the Recyclathon Awards 2016. The Recyclathon Awards was launched in 2011 with a mission to encourage the spirit of recycling in the city. Conceived and conceptualized by JGI's Community Radio Station-Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz, and supported by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, this program is part of the Bengaluru Recycling Habba, conducted by the Solid Waste Management Roundtable, Bangalore. This is a friendly competition to promote community waste reduction activities and encourage recycling.

The Recyclathon Awards recognizes outstanding community, school/college, institution, business, and public office recycling programs across the city, in addition to acknowledging the informal waste workers and individual contribution.

The deadline for the applications is 25th May 2016 (IST 23:59 PM)

The Award

The winners of the award will receive:
• Media Visibility
• Citation from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, Trophy designed by Jenny Pinto and a certificate of recognition from Solid Waste Management Roundtable ( SWMRT)

Rules and Guidelines

Please read carefully. Any application that does not follow the below mentioned guidelines, or is incomplete, will NOT be considered.

Eligibility Criteria

• The Recyclathon Awards 2016 is a Bangalore centric event and as such open to communities in Bangalore.
• The applicants must demonstrate proven track record of sustainable waste management practices, for minimum two years in the community category.
• The applications must be submitted by email/online on or before 25th May 2016 to be treated as eligible.

How to apply

Follow the steps given below:

Application Form

• Please visit the SWMRT website and click on the "Recyclathon Awards" menu
• Follow the instructions carefully to ensure successful application submission:
• In case you need to exit the application and complete in at a later time, you can do so. The application is auto-saved during the application process. You may return and complete your application on the online platform before the closing date (25th May 2016)

Supporting Documents & Deadline

• Supporting documents if any must be submitted along with application form

Selection Criteria

The panel of judges will consider:
• Impact [If the program has directly or indirectly impacted communities no of people reached and converted]
• Amount and type of material collected and recycled
• Innovation & unique aspects of the program
• Operations time period [Length of the program]
• No of people driving the effort [Prominence will be given to a team effort rather than individuals driving the initiative]
• Documentation – Photographs/Videos including links to social media pages if any
• External support- Letter of recommendations from non SWMRT members
• Media Coverage/Promotional materials [Optional]

Selection Process

The review will involve multi-stage process, to select the winners:
• Desk Assessment: The applications received will be evaluated on the eligibility criteria and a long list will be drawn
• Follow-up Selection: Based on the long list, shortlisted applicants will be contacted for further follow-up via phone/email/social media/ onsite visit or interview with references provided. A further shortlist of the applications, for jury consideration will be drawn
• Jury Selection: An eminent panel of jury will be constituted, who will select the finalists in Round 1 and then deliberate to announce the winners

Terms and Condition:

• SWMRT reserves the right to modify, cancel or not award prizes at any stage based on Jury’s decision.
• The decision of the Jury Members will be final
• Applicants must be open to Onsite visit if and when required
• Documents submitted by applicants will be used by the organisers in social media
• All finalists, will be interviewed by Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz

Things to remember

• Incomplete applications will NOT be considered.
• All supporting documents must be attached with the application form
• SWMRT members are ineligible to apply.
• Successful applicants shortlisted for the finals will be contacted directly by the selection committee

Remember the last date for submitting the application is 25th May 2016 (Indian Standard Time 23:59 PM).

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