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About Us

On November 8th, 2009 various organizations, individuals and vendors all working in the field of waste management decided to start meeting on a weekly basis to exchange ideas, share experiences and come out with a common agenda for Bengaluru’s solid waste management based on the best practices.

The vision of this interest group ever since has been to bring the Municipal Waste Management Rules 2000 and its recommendations to life for the city. Joining the various strengths and abilities of its members, SWMRT has created synergies and efficiencies. As a result today it can proudly state, that through its work thousands of households and institutions have converted to segregation at source, which means that every day tons and tons of waste are being recovered and converted into renewed material instead of being dumped at the outskirts of the city.

Through its work SWMRT has proven that, to comply to the law and to gain is possible. Today the city of Bengaluru generates 3,500 tons of garbage everyday and hundreds of crores per annum are being spend by BBMP to simply dump waste unmanaged. As a result our environment gets highly polluted, from soil to ground water to farm products, just to mention the tip of the iceberg. SWMRT has proven that by managing waste employment and therefore income is generated especially for the informal sector.

Meet Ramakant, or Ana Hasiru

Ramakant, or Ana Hasiru as he is fondly called, has committed his life to the betterment of the solid waste issues plaguing the city. Always in action- from conducting awareness campaigns in neighbourhoods to training BBMP officials, from coordinating with service providers, to creating processes in the city for waste stream pick-ups… he is the man who makes it all happen. A true ambassador!


Meet Sandya Naraynan

Sandya Naraynan, stock broker by profession, she is the ANALYST and SPOKESPERSON. Inscrutable data starts making sense after she has ripped it apart and fragments of processes get put into comprehensive patterns. Her ability to present difficult issues and complicated data in a simple interesting way has always had its impact while addressing audiences like LOK ADALAT, BBMP and others.


Meet Vani Murthy

Vani Murthy is Bangalore’s compost queen and an urban farmer. She is one the most active campaigner’s for waste management in the city, by constantly reinforcing the need for backyard composting. She has tested every home composting method available. Her knowledge on recycling kitchen waste into compost, and using it to grow herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables is held in high esteem.


Meet Myriam Shankar Krafft

Myriam Shankar Krafft, Managing Trustee of the Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust is the lady for ORGANISATION and EVENTMANAGEMENT. Logistics and Program Manager by training, she initiated the Let’s Clean Bangalore Clean Up drive with 4500 participants on Independence Day 2009. She will make sure that things are in sink and that all the various strong characters of the group blend well and keep it together.


Meet Dr. Meenakshi Barath

Dr. Meenakshi Barath, gynecologist by profession is one of the most prominent ACTIVISTS IN THE CITY for Solid Waste Management. With dedication and no nonsense approach she was responsible in setting up Composting in BBMP Head Office. The Zero Waste Initiative in Dollar Colony was steered by her.


Meet Rosario Anslem

Rosario Anslem, founder of Waste Wise Trust and Teacher of Transcendental Meditation he is probably the one who has worked the longest time in the field of waste management. Moved by the plight of street children, especially children rummaging dust bins, he started working in this field as early as the mid 80s. He has been the pioneer in promoting residents based decentralized solid waste management with the integration of waste pickers in late eighties and currently specializes in closed loop systems in SWM, to include, composting and it application for urban agriculture and organic farming. Having this vast experience on the ground and a spiritual training Rosario always creates the HOLISTIC APPROACH in SWMRT’s work.


Meet Marwan Abubaker

A famer, foodie and an animal lover, Marwan found his true love in Garbage. A strong forte in operations, he spent two years on the ground understanding operations of Dry waste collection centers, in addition to conducting awareness workshops for general public, training programs for PKS, and BBMP engineers and scrap dealers. He was also invited to Port Blair and Kote Panchayat, Udupi to assist in setting up waste management systems. He is the Director of Hasiru Dala.


Meet Shalini Charles

Shalini Charles, along with others she was one of the first activist who set up segregation at source in Diamond District. Her determination to get the job done is amazing. She will not shy away from any hurdle that comes along when training housekeeping staff or convincing neighbours that this is the only way forward.


Meet Pinky Chandran

Pinky has over 15 years of experience across international education, community media and environmental activism. Currently she heads Radio Active 90.4MHz – Bangalore’s first community radio station. Pinky is also an active campaigner for decentralized community based waste management. In past, she has worked on several policy related documents and reports and has co-authored a paper on “A Working Observation on SWM Policy- Karnataka State and ULB Bangalore”, and co-conducted a study for the Revenue Department, Government of India on “Temple Waste Management in Bangalore Case Study of 10 temples in Bangalore “. She has been instrumental in co-promoting the concept of Dry Waste Collection centers in Bangalore, and has spent over two years with her colleagues documenting the operations of the pilot center in HSR Layout. The 2011 Recyclathon Awards was her brainchild. She has also co-authored the study on “Informal Waste Workers Contribution in Bangalore” and developed the Waste-pickers Training Manual. She is also a Trustee of the Hasiru Dala Trust and Co-founder of two other initiatives Ondede and Stray Pals.


Meet Nalini Shekar

Co – founder of Hasiru Dala a newly formed wastepickers organization in Bangalore that has reached to about 7000 wastepickers in the city and also co-founded Kagad, Kach Kashtakari Panchayat (KKPKP), union of wastepickers in Pune in 1997. Her passion is to work with the unorganized sector of labour who constitute 90% of Indian labour. She has also worked extensively on the issue of violence against women and Child Labour.

Her main focus now is on inclusion of wastepickers in the Solid Waste Management process of Urban Local Body. In Bangalore city Hasiru Dala is working on integrating wastepickers in providing services to bulk generators and managing Dry Waste Collection Centers. She has trained several hundred officers serving different ULB and Karnataka Govt on Solid waste management and workers in informal waste economy.

She has received several awards including Bangalore city’s Kempe Gowda award 2014, Shortlisted in Individual category of Namma Bengalure Award 2013 , Received an award from Santa Clara County Human Relations Commission and received certificate of Honour from Governor of California, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Meet Wilma Rodrigues

A former business journalist who moved from Mumbai to Bengaluru in 1995, Wilma is the founder of NGO Saahas. She is now the CEO of the social enterprise, Saahas Waste Management Pvt Ltd (SWMPL). Today SWMPL has a team of almost 150 committed employees who together provide professional waste management services to bulk waste generators as well as to companies who would like to fulfill their Extended Producer Responsibility.

In 2015, SWMPL was recognised as one of the top 5 Social entrepreneurs by Action for India, a forum that supports social entrepreneurs scale their ventures.


Meet Dr. Shanthi Choudry

Dr. Shanthi Choudry, one of the main drivers of HSR Layouts Zero Garbage Initiative is a tremendously diligent NEIGHBOURHOOD ACTIVIST. She will go from house to house, lane to lane and spread awareness on segregation at source stressing on the health hazards caused by inefficient waste management.


Meet Lalitha Mondreti

A Mathematics major turned artist turned Solid Waste Management warrior and a dog lover. Lalitha studied Arts at Scottsdale School of Arts, USA. She has been the backbone of various initiatives like Kasa Muktha Bellandur and 2bin1bag.in that has made it easy for communities to adopt a simple and sustainable SWM process. From problems at the grass root level to dealing with municipal bodies at the city level, Lalitha is always available to face it head-on.


Meet Anu Govind

Anu Govind, part of the SWM team at Whitefield Rising - a platform for change makers. She conducts SWM awareness sessions in communities and organizations around Whitefield and in other events (exhibitions, talks etc.) beyond Whitefield.

Has been associated with WM for many public events including the Midnight Marathon. Currently working with BBMP and other stakeholders to improve infrastructures and processes related to SWM in Whitefield. Also helping communities to implement good WM practices.


Meet Dr. K. Uma

Dr. Uma is an Oral Pathologist with a long-standing interest in nature and wildlife. She was drawn into SWM related issues after meeting Vani Murthy and Dr Meenakshi Bharath, and has been a part of SWM awareness campaigns conducted by them since mid-2011. She is a member of We Care for Malleswaram, and helps Vani conduct workshops on urban home composting and container gardening. She started the Facebook group ‘Waste Segregation and Recycling’ to provide an online platform for exchange of information regarding SWM, composting and related issues. The group now has almost 4500 members from across the country.


Meet Veena Rajappa

Veena Rajappa, Client Delivery Manager for an IT firm, she is the founder of RISE (Recycle Initiative for a Safe Environment), an NGO which is responsible for Rajarajeshwari Nagar to be a model for SWM. RISE is instrumental in setting up the 2 DWCCs at Rajarajeshwari Nagar and works closely with BBMP, Service Providers & Communities to put in place processes & protocols for SWM.


Meet Savita Hiremath

SAVITA HIREMATH is a Bangalore-based journalist with stints in Deccan Herald, The Times of India, The New Indian Express and The Acharya Institute of Journalism (HoD) spread over 12 years. She was instrumental in setting up a highly advanced and end-to-end waste management system (WM) for her community in 2012. Her research and documentation of almost all the available efficient community composting methods is a first of its kind in India. She helps apartments and gated communities design and implement sustainable WM systems. Through her blog ENDLESSLY GREEN (www.savitahiremath.com), Savita reaches out to people from all over the country and helps them with information on WM and composting. She recently became the Climate Reality Leader—a global initiative launched by Former US President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Corps—“seeking to provide the training in climate science, communications, and organizing to tell the story of climate change and inspire communities everywhere to take action”.


Meet Divya Tiwari

A Fellow of IIM Bangalore with a PhD in Supply Chain Management, Divya has more than 12 years of experience in the area of Supply Chain Management and Operations. She has been a Consultant/SME for various engagements across industries such as FMCG, Industrial, Life Sciences, Environment, IT and Hospitality. She had joined Saahas in Jan 2014 and is the Chief Programme Manager of the NGO. Saahas is social enterprise providing solutions around Decentralised Waste Management. Divya is quite passionate about various aspects of Decentralised Waste Management right from Community and Stakeholder Engagement; Design and Technology; Processes and Systems; Policy Framework and Impact Analysis. She is managing various such programmes spread across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bellary.


Meet Claire Rao

Claire Rao, made Bangalore her home in 2006, and has never looked back. A familiar face at most composting workshops, Claire is part of We care Malleswaram ‐ a neighbourhood group that religiously advocates segregation of waste at source, home composting and zero waste events. An acknowledged eco‐warrior, cycling in and around Malleswaram, Claire runs Nakshatra Trust an NGO that works with underpriviledged children and their families. Her motto is “living within our ecological limits and creating less impact on the environment in all our daily activities.”


Meet Malini Parmar

Alumini of DCE, Delhi and IIM Kolkatta, she has Global IT work experience spanning 25 countries and 17 years. She has also held the CMO, CSO and CSR head roles in IT and BPO companies. She is in the process of starting her social enterprise Stonesoup.in. She has been volunteering for responsible waste management since 2011. She is part of Kasa Muktha Bellandur and an active volunteer in the 2bin1bag campaign. She is also passionate about promoting meditation and adoption.


Meet Archana Kashyap

Global Techie Manager and the driver of 2bin1bag social media, Archana is a computer science engineer with about a decade of healthcare industry experience. She is an active leader of Kasa Muktha Bellandur and the 2bin1bag initiatives. She believes in team work and expanding the SWM circle of warriors. She was instrumental in creating the website www.2bin1bag.in , in order to make Solid Waste Management a simple and sustainable process.


Meet Kabir Arora

Kabir is a passionate geographer. Having lived in eight different cities of India, he is trying to make sense of prevailing urbanity. To earn his livelihood, Kabir coordinates Alliance of Indian Wastepickers – an informal network of organizations, cooperatives, and companies working on waste management with the help of waste pickers and is currently based in Bengaluru. With a deep interest in the dynamics of informal economy, Kabir undertook an impact study of Inclusive Cities Programme in Ahmedabad, Gujarat commenced by Self Employed Women’s Association (SEWA). He firmly believes that informal economy work-force has entrepreneurial zeal and if supported a little, they can make significant contribution towards economic growth. In addition to his interest in informal economy, Kabir follows the discourse on sustainability quite thoroughly and is a Board Member of Indian Youth Climate Network (IYCN) - torchbearer of nascent climate movement in South Asia. He participated in Conference of Parties (COP) – 11 (Hyderabad), 12 (Pyeong Chang) of ‘Convention on Biological Diversity’, and COP 20 (Lima) of ‘United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’. He writes regularly on the issues of waste management and climate change on www.wastenarratives.com and www.whatswiththeclimate.wordpress.com respectively.


Meet Anjana Iyer

Anjana Iyer, has over 15 years of experience in civic and environmental issues. Former local coordinator for the Dutch based Urban Waste Expertise Program, she is now managing a city based NGO ‘Full Circle’, which promotes COMMUNITY PROGRAMS in Solid Waste Management.

Meet Lalitha Mohan

Lalitha Mohan, the mover and shaker in Judicial Layout, she has taken the message of ‘segregation at source’ door to door, organised Walkathons, organised training of housemaids and BBMP staff. A true NEIGHBOURHOOD ACTIVIST, she has taking it upon herself with a few neighbours, without backing of RWA or NGO to convert her area into proper waste stream management.


Meet Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar, Consultant for Environmental Services is the TECHNOLOGY EXPERT for Waste Management, Rain Water Harvesting and Green Buildings. His knowledge, expertise and love for detail is always an eye opener to those who are amateurs.


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